Friday, February 26, 2010


My kids have proven themselves to be incredibly patriotic throughout these Olympics.  Here are some of the main ways they've shown this:
  • They always pull for USA in whatever competition is going on.
  • If USA is not in that specific competition or race, Hannah pulls for Germany, because she "liked the soda that was from Germany when we went to Disney World."
  • If USA is not in that specific competition or race, Elijah pulls for the person from "the country that is closest to the United States" (usually, of course, Canada).
  • Hannah wore her red, white, and blue gymnast outfit the other day (her mom's outfit when she was in elementary school), even though there's no gymnastics in the Winter Olympics. Odds are that Hannah accessorized with bright green socks, a light blue skirt, and a pink ponytail holder.
  • In true boy fashion, Elijah loves when people wipe out (except for when Americans do it).
  • Hannah made a Shaun White figure out of their Lego guys the other day. It consisted of a regular Lego man, with a Lego girl's long brown hair, and a surfboard used as a snow board.
  • Mimicking ski jump and other acrobatic events, Sender has been jumping off all sorts of furniture. On second thought, he does this throughout the year.
  • Hannah and Elijah are all too eager to stay up an hour past their bedtime to watch more and more Olympics. Surely this is because they're patriotic, not as an excuse to stay up late, right?

But as this Olympics comes to a close, here are some ideas to improve the Winter Olympics for 2014.  My favorites idea: More Rifles.

How have your kids reacted to the Olympics?

--  Joey Espinosa

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