Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Why Does Grace Children's Ministry Exist? - Part 3 (The Call)

We have already discussed the tension between focusing on parents versus focusing on children. Then, we discussed how our mission seeks to work in both ends of this tension. In this post, we want to give some ways that you can be a part of equipping the next generation. Remember, the odds are that if someone does not begin to follow Christ during their childhood or teen years, then they will NOT do so as an adult. We have a limited window of a fruitful opportunity!

  1. Grow.  You need to be equipped, to become a mature follower yourself. You cannot lead to a place that you are not at yourself.  This doesn’t mean that you have to be perfect, but that you need to be in the process of growing as a true follower of Christ. Here are key ways that you can grow as a disciple:
    1. be in the adult worship service regularly
    2. participate in Biblical community
    3. pursue God through His word and through prayer
    4. give sacrificially
  2. Learn. You need to be teachable. Read parenting books and articles. Listen to teaching about parenting. Ask questions, not just of your peers, but also of people who are in a life stage ahead of you. Ask your Community Group leader or email us parenting questions. Go to parenting equipping events. We don’t do many events at Grace Church, so when we do offer them, make it a priority to be there. Be humble enough to let someone else come alongside you and equip you.
  3. Serve. Be poured out (2 Timothy 4:6) for the sake of God’s Kingdom. Should parents of young children serve in the local church, since they are tired and busy? Absolutely!  See last week’s post for a more full explanation, but in general, know that Grace Church believes that all our members should be involved in sacrificial service within the church body. Nearly 1000 people are needed to serve just during our weekend programming, in Children’s Ministry, Student Ministry, Hospitality, and Worship. Don't go to church; be a part of it.
  4. Preach the word. Make everything about the Gospel for your children. This is not just about Biblical principles, but about always remembering and reminding them that God is glorious (and deserving of our worship), we are sinners (and deserving of judgment and hell), and Christ died for our sins (proving that God loves us). Don’t be quick to always remove obstacles and hardships from your life and the lives of your children. At the least, use these hardships to lead your children away from self-idolatry or worldliness, and toward a life of repentant faith and dependence on the message of the cross.
 Questions or comments about our mission?

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