Monday, February 1, 2010

Dealing with a Lack of Male Leadership?

Bill White addresses this issue to moms who are concerned about a lack of male leadership for their sons.  This can apply for situations where the father is emotionally-disconnected or ill-equipped, or where the father is physically-absent from the home. 

First, he cautions that we need to clearly understand what "spiritual leadership" actually is, which may involve moving away from some common viewpoints of this.  Second, moms in this situation need to not fear the lack of male leadership, but to trust in God. In humility, we need to live in repentant faith in our loving God, and not in proud unbelief.

What does a mom do, if she is parenting alone in the home?
  1. She still needs to teach and encourage his son to be a man.
  2. She needs to be connected to the local church.  Don't just attend, but be serve and be a contributor. 
  3. She needs to respect her husband. 
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