Monday, February 8, 2010

Our Curriculum

I came across this article from It walks through a list of questions that a children's ministry should use as a guideline in choosing a curriculum to use. Technically, we have already "chosen" our curriculum, as volunteers have led the way in writing our curriculum over the past few years.

Our Camp Grace curriculum writing began about 5 years ago, and we are now in our third edition of this 2-year cycle. It was originally a 2 1/2 year curriculum, but shortened so that each child would go through the curriculum twice if they are in Camp Grace for all 4 years (1st - 4th grades).

We began our preschool curriculum writing process 3 years ago, implementing it in August of 2007.

Over a series of posts, we'll answer a series of questions from the above-mentioned article, that we hope will help explain why we chose to write our own curriculum, and what we are trying to accomplish through it. Here are the questions we'll address:

  1. Why does this ministry exist? What's our goal and mission?
  2. What do we value? What do we want to see happen?
  3. What's our philosophy of learning? What elements should be incorporated in our programming?
  4. What is the focus of the curriculum? What does the scope and sequence need to look like?
  5. What is our ministry model?
  6. What does a "win" look like? How do we know that we're succeeding?
If you have any other or more specific questions about our programming or curriculum, please comment here.

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