Saturday, February 13, 2010

Money, Money, Money

In our adult worship services, we have been teaching about money, through the series entitled “Fear and Freedom.”  (If you missed any weeks or want to review, you can get the audio and notes from our website.)  The goal for this series is not to get the body to bring their money to the church, but to rally the church’s resources to help the body. 

Just as it is the role of the Grace Church staff to equip the body in this area of discipleship, it is the role of parents to teach their children about money from a Biblical perspective.  In this article from The Village Church, we are prodded with these questions:

“How are you teaching your children to love the Lord in all areas of life, including money? Are you talking to them often about why we give money to our church? Are you leading by example in the way you and your spouse talk about and handle money in your household.”

Another useful article along these lines is by John Piper, on the Desiring God website.

Through this series, have you done anything new or different to help teach your children about money?

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