Sunday, February 14, 2010

Rules of the House

Those of you who are familiar with our Camp Grace (elementary) programming know that we send home a S’more Card each week.  The purpose is to give families an overview of what was covered, and some additional activities.  We’ve made a number of changes to the format of the S’more Card over the years.  For example, over a year ago, we reduced this take-home from 4 pages to 2, to coincide with the introduction of the ROAD Bible Reading plan bookmarks. 

This past January, we made another significant change. We changed the “family activity” side by giving you three options of ways to lead your children.  We know that whether you use the fun activity, or you help your child with their ROAD Map study, or if you use another resource, the most important thing is that you are leading your child in knowing and worshiping Jesus.  We want to help you with that, and we would love to know what you are doing to disciple your child.  No matter which or how many activities you do with your children, please sign and return their cards each week. If you have any questions about these changes, email Nicky Darling, our Elementary Coordinator.

Recently, as we studied the 10 Commandments (Exodus 20), we asked our campers to list rules that they have in their home.  Here are some answers we got back:
  • “We can’t say bad words”
  • “No running in house. No jumping on furniture. No wrestling. No smacking food. No wineing [whining].”  (Boys will be boys.)
  •  “Collect fire wood”
  • “No playing Wii more than 30 minutes”
  • “No fighting. No hitting. No aggravating. No rudeness.” (Aren’t these sort of the same?)
  • “Clean my room”
  • “Don’t let anybody in unless we ask”
  •  “Pick up your clothes after you take a shower”
  •  “No locking doors to rooms. No yelling at people. No slamming doors. No bad words.”  (Anger issues?)
  •  “Go to sleep at night”
  •  “Do not play with matches. Do not play with knives.”  (Umm. . .  watch out for this kid)
  • “Feed the cats in the morning and at 5:00 PM”

Then we asked why they think they have these rules.  Here’s some responses:
  • “To keep me safe” (most common answer)
  • “To make the house run good”
  •  “To treat others with love”
  •  “So we do not break things”
  • “To show me that I need a Savior and cannot keep all the rules”
Of course, God gave us the Ten Commandments (and many other instructions) because He knows what is best and because He wants us to respect and love others. But even more, these commands from Him show us that we can never be perfect. Since we can never fully obey Him, we need a Savior to die for our rebellion.  God provided Jesus as the payment for our sins.

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