Thursday, February 4, 2010

Scared Straight Marriage Speech

'If you have kids, don’t ever say that you “have to babysit them” while your spouse goes out. You don’t babysit your own kids. You watch them. Huge difference.'
Want more marriage advice?  Read the full article here.  If you don't want to click through now, here's my favorite: 
'If your wife or husband has a job that doesn’t allow them to go out to lunch, don’t describe the delicious lunch meeting you had in exquisite detail when you get home. “The Ahi Tuna was almost too fresh, you know? I’ve just never seen it that perfect. It was kind of intimidating it was so delicious. But enough about me, how was your peanut butter & jelly sandwich? How’s chunky peanut butter working out for you?”'
 -- Joey Espinosa

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  1. Great tips. I'll pass this on to my husband and hope he reads them before our date tonight....