Sunday, February 14, 2010

Elementary Camp Presentation

In our Camp Grace programming this weekend, we again promoted our annual summer camp.  If you have a current 3rd or 4th grader, we hope that he or she can join us.  We had 70 campers last year, and hope that even more are able to enjoy this experience.

See this previous post for more information and to see the video that your child saw.  We'll communicate more over the couple of months (with registration beginning right after Easter), but go ahead and reserve the dates June 18-20.

Here are some things that campers enjoyed about last year's camp:

"Being together with my friends" [we had 85 campers and leaders last year]
"Sleeping over"
"Pranking the boys" and "Pranking the girls"
"Shopping at the canteen"
"Eating smores at the bonfire"
"Coffee!" [don't worry - only decaf is allowed at dinner]
"A lake, a giant swing, a giant slide!"

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