Monday, March 1, 2010


Last fall at Grace Church, we had a teaching series called "One."  A key focus of this series was for marriage relationships, but the principles are definitely applicable for whatever season of life you are in. The areas taught were: singleness, oneness, uniqueness, redemption, adventure, and intimacy. (See our website for the audio and notes. If you are interested in purchasing the series as DVD's, email us at

Personally, the most powerful and life-changing topic was that of Adventure. I wouldn't consider myself a nature "visionary" leader by most standards, but this concept resonated with me as something that can help give direction and purpose to our lives.

Joanna and I began talking about what we think is the Adventure that God has for us. This is requiring multiple conversations, prayer, lots of introspection, and reflecting on our experiences. Earlier this year, on a 2-night retreat / get-away, we came up with what we believe our adventure is: children. We are not parenting our child-development experts by far! But God has given us experiences, tools, and a passion to equip the next generation through serving and exhortation. We're not exactly sure what all the specifics look like, but here are the arenas that we think God wants to use us in:
  1. Our Family
  2. Our Church
  3. Our Culture
  4. Our World
I'll go into more detail about these over a series of posts. In this, I hope to help you see our thought process to encourage you to think about what your adventure is.

--  Joey Espinosa

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