Monday, April 19, 2010

Our Curriculum -- Summary

A couple of months ago, we asked some questions about how we got our curriculum, and what we hope to accomplish through it. In case you missed it, here is a summary of the questions we asked ourselves, and links to our answers.
  1. Why does this ministry exist? What's our goal and mission?
    1. The Tension between parents and programming
    2. The Mission to pour into both
    3. The Call: Grow, Learn, Serve, Preach
  2. What do we value? What do we want to see happen?
    1. Staff & Parents
    2. Volunteers & Children
  3. What's our philosophy of learning? What elements should be incorporated in our programming?
    1. Big Group / Small Group format
    2. Visual, audio, and hands-on elements
    3. Take-homes materials to equip parents
  4. What is the focus of the curriculum? What does the scope and sequence need to look like?
    1. Camp Grace (1st - 4th grades): 2-year through the Bible, to teach biblical principles from some main characters
    2. Preschool (2 year old - 5k): attributes of God
  5. What is our ministry model?
    1. Big Group / Small Group
    2. modeled after Student and Adult Ministries at Grace Church
  6. What does a "win" look like? How do we know that we're succeeding?
    1. Parents & Volunteers are growing and engaged
    2. Children coming and growing
    3. Real-life stories
Thanks for reading!

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