Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What Does a "Win" Look Like in Children's Ministry? -- Part 2 (Children)

Previously, we looked at some indicators of a healthy Children’s Ministry, focusing on seeing growth in parents and volunteers. Today, we will look at what are “wins” for children themselves. 
  • Children are coming. It’s hard to have Children’s Ministry without children! Our goal has never been about getting more children to come to our programming, but we believe that growth in attendance is a by-product of a healthy ministry. Over the past 3 years, we have nearly doubled our attendance in our Children's Ministry programming.
  • Children love coming. We hear so often from new families how much their children love our programming. In fact, for many families, the children have begged to come back to Grace Church. This surely is a testimony to the loving and engaging volunteers that we are blessed to have.
  • Children taking steps of faith.  Throughout the year, there are children who are professing their faith and demonstrating it through baptism. How moving is it to see so many dads baptizing their children! Another big step of faith for many children involves going to our summer camp. We have had more and more children go each year, and for most of them, this is their first overnight camp experience.
But more than any numbers can indicate, what we value the most are notes and emails from parents. Nothing can express meaning and value like a real life application. Come back next week to read some of these stories.

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