Monday, March 15, 2010

What is Our Model of Ministry in Grace Children's Ministry?

As mentioned previously, both the Preschool and Camp Grace programming are primarily set up in a Big Group / Small Group format. Though the specific schedule will be different based on age-groups and facilities, in general, the typical Saturday night or Sunday morning has this flow:
  1. Small Group: welcome and introduction to the lesson, in a classroom
  2. Big Group: multiple classes coming together for singing and a short drama
  3. Small Group: back to the classroom for more Bible lesson, in depth discussion, and activities
We like the Big Group / Small Group format (as opposed to all-classroom time, children’s church, or “center” rotation), because we feel it more closely mimics what Grace Church does across all age-groups. For example, adults come together for “Big Group” time on Saturday night or Sunday morning on one of our three campuses. Then, during the week, deep relational connections are made through Community Groups, our adult “Small Group” time.

We interested in the idea of using “centers” for Children’s Ministry, and we have explored the use of them in the past and may revisit it in the future. However, we see the value of having the model of Big Group / Small Group times throughout all age groups, from children to students to adults.

Questions or thoughts?

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