Monday, April 5, 2010

Passover Seder - Part 2

We hope you all had a worshipful Easter.  Here are some more links, as a follow up from last weekend's Camp Grace Passover Seder.

  1. Here are some pictures of the Seder from one of our services. 
  2. If your child was out of town, he can get the Smore Card and ROAD bookmark from our website, so it can be completed and returned to his class this coming weekend. We will resume with our normal programming this week.
  3. I've had two different people make me aware of these, so I feel that I have to let you know. You can buy Passover Plagues Finger Puppets (if not from this site, then just google it). This would go well with my reenactment (for my own kids, not in Camp Grace) of the slaying of the Passover lamb and putting blood on the doorway; I used a stuffed animal sheep, a toy sword, and a red bandana. It was great.

 --  Joey Espinosa

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