Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Summer Events

We wanted to make sure you knew about a couple of events going on this summer, so that you can begin to make plans:
  • Elementary Camp.  All current 3rd & 4th graders are welcome to come to Look Up Lodge for our annual summer camp.  We will leave around noon on Friday June 18, and return the afternoon of Sunday June 20. To learn more, see the following links:

    • Piano Lessons.  Grace Children's Ministry will have a Kairos intern this summer, and part of her role will be giving piano lessons to children at Grace Church (Pelham Road campus).  The $120 fee will cover eight 30-minute lessons, plus the initial interview (parents are also responsible for purchasing the required books), and this money will be split between funding the internship program and helping the church pay down debt (most of it from our E3 campaign).  There is limited availability for these private lessons, so act fast (this blog post is going out in advance of the more public communication)! You can register here, but please note that it is your payment, not the registration, that secures your spot. 

    Leave a comment if you have any questions about either of these opportunities.


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      2. What a great idea about piano lessons! Wish Emma was old enough for this. Love it!