Friday, March 12, 2010

Have You Messed Up?

Here are some thoughts from Jon Acuff (from this article):
"I love that the Bible is full of mess ups that come back. Abject failures of human beings that through God’s grace are pulled from the pit and do some tremendous things. . . . I don’t care if you’re a bad dad, a fired employee, a divorced parent that feels like life is an island right now. . . . [J]ust like Judah, we are all capable of change in the eyes of the Lord."

We at Grace Church believe that life-change is real. But please don’t think that life change is something that you can make happen. It’s a supernatural work of the Holy Spirit that comes as a result of pursuing intimacy with Christ as Lord and Savior. Don’t pursue life change; pursue God and real heart change will happen. See our website for other stories from folks at Grace Church, of how their lives have been changed.

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