Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Special Needs Equipping Event

We have already written almost 20 posts this year about special needs, giving both the theology behind and practical application of what we do.  Our goal in communicating these things has been to inform our own church body about what we are doing and to give direction to parents who have children with special needs.  Additionally, we hope to be able to share with other churches what we are learning, to encourage and equip them.  (For churches looking for additional resources and information, we recommend The Inclusive Church, which also profiled our ministry in this post.)

To further equip our Children's Ministry volunteers, we are hosting a Special Needs Equipping Event on Wednesday, November 3.  This meeting is for our Welcome Teams (who are on the front line of greeting families and helping children get checked into Small Groups), and for all our Volunteer Coaches, who may need to help meet specific needs during our weekend programming for a child with special needs.  We will share our vision, helpful information, and inspiration, as we strive to reach the hearts of the parents and children.

This event is by invite only, but if you want to know more or if you have any other questions (or if we mistakenly left you off the invite list), please let us know. 

Additionally, we've launched a couple of additional communication tools:
  1. A webpage summarizing our Special Needs ministry.
  2. An specific email address ( for questions about this ministry.

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  1. Mike and I would like to know more about this program. I personally am very interested in working in this area in the future. We love all kids and are experienced with special needs. As teenagers, we worked with handicapped kids and loved, loved, loved it!