Monday, November 1, 2010

12 Good Blogs for Those Who Lead Children

Besides the "Related Links" to the right (and besides this blog, of course), here are a few blogs that we like, according to general categories:

For Children's Ministry Programming
  1. Growing Kids Ministry.  "A place to share stories, resources, and ideas."
  2. Ministry to Children.  Tons of resources.
  3. The Inclusive Church.  For special needs ministry in a church.
  4. Relevant Children's Ministry.  Lots of great thoughts from a Children's Ministry veteran.

For Parents
  1. Shepherd Press.  Great articles for Gospel-centered parenting.
  2. Been There Learned That.  Random and helpful tips.
  3. A Different Way.  "Rethinking how we disciple the next generation."
  4. Creation Inspirations.  Helping people (adults and kids) see the glory of God through His creation.

For Spiritual Formation
  1. The Gospel Coalition.  As the name implies, deep Gospel-centered theology.
  2. The Resurgence.  Clear and simple theology.
  3. Stuff Christians Like.  Truth, mixed with humor.
  4. Desiring God.  From John Piper.

Any other blogs that you like that fit into one of these categories?  We especially are looking for more blogs and websites that have a Gospel-centered (not just values-centered) approach to parenting.

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