Monday, October 25, 2010

Pointing My Child to Christ

A month ago, my social butterfly floated off to school and returned home broken and angry.  A cherished three-dollar ring had been taken from her.  She relayed the day's events.  A friend had asked for the ring and then would not give it back.  And then she asked me, "Mom, what should I do?"  A million things rushed through my head -- can I fix this, what should she do, and how do I help her respond.  To be honest, i was angry and I wanted justice, too!  As I left for work that afternoon, I prayed, "Father, what should I tell her?"

As I got to work that day, a dear friend asked me how my daughter, Molly Reagan, was doing in school.  I knew that God had prepared that moment just for me.  I relayed the situation to her and how  I felt, how my daughter felt, and how I didn't know yet how to respond.  This woman, a believer and a mother of three grown children, offered me some wise counsel.
  1. First, DO nothing.  The ring was gone . . . it would not be showing up the next day.  So, I didn't not call the teacher, call the parent, or anything like that.  I waited for Molly Reagan to  respond.  Her heart was revealed after days of her asking the teacher for for help and asking the friend who had taken (and then lost) the ring to give it back.  At wits end, she decided she would NEVER let the girl borrow anything again because, "She is a stealer."  
  2. Second, talk to her about forgiveness and about Jesus.  So I did.  After her "stealer" comment, we talked about Jesus' example of forgiveness.  Our injustices cannot compare to Jesus' death on the cross for our sin.  And how did Jesus respond to the people who crucified him?  In Luke 23:34 he says, "Father, forgive them, they don't know what they are doing."  He prayed for them, he loved them, and he forgave them.
  3. And finally, pray with her.  There is only one who can heal Molly Reagan's heart and help her forgive.  And while I want to fix this problem for her, I cannot, for I do not have what it takes.  And so, I directed her to the one who can.  
I wish I could say that this three step process ended all discussions about the ring.  But it did not.  So, we repeat as necessary.  This experience reminded me of two things.  First, my daughter is on a journey too -- a journey of faith -- and my job is to guide, not to fix.  Additionally, I can never provide all that she needs, but I know the one who can and I can point her to him.

--  Laura Moore, Children's Hospitality Coordinator


  1. Every day, my children come home from school, and I am faced with some situation where I have NO idea what to do. Turning to Jesus is always the best solution! Thanks for this encouragement!!

  2. Thanks for sharing Laura. Great post and great timing for me :) - i had a situation like this sort of with cort today for the first time. Great reminder of what my job is with my children as I try to guide them through this world.