Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Recognizing & Worshiping Jesus

In Camp Grace, we just completed our second week of our study through the New Testament.  If you are not familiar with our curriculum for our Camp Grace (1st - 4th grade) programming, we go through the entire Bible -- Genesis to Revelation -- over two years.  Our goal is to not merely teach "Bible stories," but to teach principles that these children need to apply, as a response to God.

Each week's lesson also includes a small section to help the leaders prepare.  We know that if our volunteers are growing in Christ, they will be better equipped to lead their Small Groups as well.  As an example, here is the leader preparation material for this coming week's lesson, as we study about recognizing and worshiping Jesus:
Before this weekend, read Luke 2 and Matthew 2.  As you read, think through the significance of Mary and Joseph following the law and sacrificing two pigeons to redeem Jesus.  Jesus not only followed the Law (even as a baby), He also fulfilled the Law. 
As you look at what characterizes the lives of the Magi, Simeon, Anna, and King Herod, think about what characterizes your life.  Do you regularly move from recognizing Jesus to worshiping Him?  Compare and contrast King Herod's response to Jesus, with Simeon's and Anna's responses to Jesus.  We are so often wrapped up in ourselves and our own "kingdoms" that we fail to recognize Jesus for who He really is, just as Herod did.  Are you filled with joy each day because of Jesus' death and resurrection, or are you too wrapped up in your "kingdom" to take the time to recognize and worship Jesus for who He is?

To see our curriculum outline, see our website.  If you want to know about the goals of our curriculum, see this post for a summary.

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