Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Meet Our Volunteers: Kelley Haff

With over 750 volunteers serving in Children's Ministry across six services on three campuses, there is no way to know all the faces you may (or may not) see on the weekend.  By doing the volunteer "biographies," we hope to give you the chance to learn about the type of people that desire to equip the next generation for a life in Christ.  Here is an excerpt from this month's biography on Kelley Haff, a Preschool Small Group Coach on the Pelham Road campus (a coach is a volunteer who is a leader over other volunteers in a specific ministry area):

Kelley Haff tried serving in several areas of the Children's Ministry before she settle on being a coach for the preschool hall during the 11:15 a.m. service at the Pelham Road campus.  She started on an audio-visual team for a few years, and then tried working in a nursery room, but it was the third try that was the charm. 
"This area of service definitely fits my personality and gifts the best at this stage in my life," Kelley said.  "Sometimes you just need to commit and try something until you find the right fit." 

Read more about Kelley Haff, and other volunteers, on our Volunteer Central webpage.

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