Monday, August 30, 2010

Goals for Our Children: Thoughts from Titus 2

Earlier this year, I shared my thoughts about the adventure that we think God has for our family, to equip the next generation.  And I outlined our thoughts about how we might carry this out in the arenas of Family, Church, Culture, and the World.  We've been continuing to think strategically, and trying to be aware of wisdom from God in this matter.

Recently I was reading through the book of Titus.  With all these thoughts about family and children in the back of my mind, I read chapter 2 with an entire new perspective -- that is, how it applies to my family.  This is what I think God was teaching me:
  1. Verse 2 applies to me as a husband and father.  I need to strive for self-control, reverence, being temperate, having faith, love, patience, and to be an example for my kids (verse 7).
  2. Verse 3-4 applies to Joanna as a wife and mother.  She needs to be reverent, careful with her speech, and to teach what is good to our children.  (It also says that she shouldn't be a drunk, but I think we're safe here.)
  3. Verses 5-8 give goals that we should have for our children:
    1. We need to teach our sons to live wisely, to know God's truth, to not be easily tempted, and to do good deeds and have good speech.
    2. We need to teach our daughter how to love her husband and children, to make good choices, to be sexually-pure, to be a homemaker (such as in this post), and to be good and kind. 
Of course, these goals must not be for worldly reasons, such as to look good to others, to make ourselves feel good, or to gain any other earthly benefit.  The main motivation to train our children must be because God saved us (see verses 11-14).  Being on God's adventure for us and and making disciples of our children are how we should respond to Him in worship.

Do you have goals for your children?  What is your motivation for those goals?

--  Joey Espinosa

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  1. Joey, thanks for the insight and the encouragement. It is so easy to lose sight of specific, biblical goals for our children in the day to day stuff of life, but it is also crucial to be intentional so that we don't let our primary mission field (our kids) slip away.