Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Start to the School Year

We now have three weekends of programming under our belt for the 2010-11 school year, and we are off to an exciting start.  Here are some pieces of information about what's happened, and what is coming up.
  1. Our weekend attendance, for children 4th grade and younger, has been 900, 920, and 923 for the past three weekends.  Of course, we expect to be lower this weekend (for Labor Day weekend), but these have been our highest children's attendance weekends ever!
  2. We had a fun-filled kick-off to Camp Grace (1st - 4th grades; see our video here), before picking up with our regular curriculum the past two weeks.  We'll have special programming this weekend (a Camp Remix), and then we'll finish up our study of the Old Testament in mid-September.  See our curriculum outline here.
  3. Later this fall in Camp Grace, we will have . . . 
    1. Wafuasi students share about their mission trips;
    2. A re-cap video from our Elementary Camp from 2010, and the dates for next year's camp;
    3. A collection for "adopting" local children for Christmas (more details to come).
  4. Our preschoolers have been learning about and enjoying our series on God is Creator.  We've heard stories about how they are "getting it."  One two-year-old who is new to our church left her class and immediately told her mom, "I love my church!"
  5. After finishing our series on God is Creator, be looking for a brand new series on God is Relational, in our preschool programming.  (See our outline on our website.)
Thanks to everyone who has worked to get the new school year off to a great start!  We are so thankful to the 760+ volunteers in Children's Ministry, and to our God who lets us all be used for His purposes!

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