Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Are You New to Camp Grace?

Do you have a rising 1st-grader?  Or, have you started attending Grace Church recently and are unfamiliar with some of our programming?  If you have a child who will be in our Camp Grace (1st - 4th grade) programming, be sure to check out our New to Camp Grace? webpage for important information and to learn some of our terminology.  You can learn about our Big Group and Small Group times, as well as Quest (for "campers" who stay for 2 services).  Additionally, you will want to read important information about our take-home materials (the S'more Card and ROAD Bookmark). 

In particular, we want to encourage you to lead your child in learning to study the Bible, through the three-day-a-week Bible reading plan that corresponds to each week's programming.  The concept we use is called ROAD, signifying the words Read-Observe-Apply-Depend, and illustrating the fact that the Bible is a "road map" for life.

For most children, the idea of Bible study is very new, and they will depend on you to guide and help them.  What a great opportunity to study the Bible together, as many other families have been using this tool, as well!  You can read and discuss the passages and questions out loud, or you can have children write the answers in their own journal, or (especially for younger children) they can just draw pictures of their observations and applications.  There are many options, but what's important is for you to lead your child.  Think of the eternal impact you can have if you can start now teaching your child to study God's word and apply it to his or her life.

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