Friday, August 27, 2010

Equipping Men

At Grace Church, we are starting another session of Men's Roundtable, beginning October 14. This ministry has been instrumental for hundreds of men over the past 9 years, helping them have a definition for Biblical manhood and understanding what it looks like to live that out.  This year, we are encouraging middle and high school students to attend -- with their fathers, their small groups, or with other friends.

Do you want some other resources that will help you understand and lead men and boys?  Here are some other resources and articles:
  1. Future Men.  We had an equipping event last fall, with almost 400 people in attendance.  You can find a summary of the event, as well as links to the audio, here. Additionally, you can find some video answers to some questions we received (the first four are here, and another one is only on our YouTube channel). 
  2. Student Ministry.  Read about what was taught on the high school retreat last fall, on our Pastor's Blog.
  3. Books.  Looking for some reading?  Some books we recommend are Shepherding a Child's Heart (for general parenting principles), Bringing Up Boys, and Big Truths for Young Hearts (to help you teach theological principles to your children).
  4. Going along with one of the core principles that was taught at the Future Men event, read this article about how crucial it is to be under authority.  If your young son cannot learn to willingly and happily submit to authority now, he severely struggle to submit and lead when he is older.
  5. Here's another article, published as an editorial in the Washington Post, called "The world is filled with boys who can shave."  Men are called to be creators and producers, not mere consumers and complainers. 
Do you know of any other resources to help equip young men?

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