Monday, August 9, 2010

Special Needs FAQ: How Will I Be Notified If There Is a Problem During the Service?

In this post in the series of frequently asked questions about how we minister to children with special needs, we'll answer this question and other key topics regarding our safety policies.

Each of our three campuses uses and computer-based check-in / check-out system called Parent Pager.  Upon checking in your child, you will receive a unique (for that campus) 2- to 4-digit Household ID number, which will be the same number every time you return to that campus.  If we need you to return to the Children's Center (or Children's Ministry area) from the adult worship service, your Household ID number will appear in the lower corner of the screens (Pelham Road and Downtown campuses), or on a red LED display under the worship screen (Powdersville campus).  You should return to a Children's welcome desk, where a staff member or volunteer will communicate with you further.

You can read more about our safety policies on our website.  Here are some key elements to our safety plan:
  • We run background checks (using a system that searches a national database) on adults who serve as Small Group Leaders and members of the Welcome Team.
  • We have windows next to every classroom, and always have staff and volunteers walking around checking on the rooms.
  • Men are not allowed to change diapers or accompany a child into the bathroom.
  • Volunteers can only release a child to an authorized person who has a check-out slip.
  • In general, volunteers are not authorized to give a child any form of medicine. 
Questions about any part of our safety policies?

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