Monday, May 23, 2011


Summer is almost here, so if you are like me, one of the first thing's you think about is "When can we go to the pool, lake, or beach?" Or how about all three??! Since I have had children, I have cherished the time in the summer that we are able to take off from work and the busyness of life to relax somewhere - ANYwhere - on vacation. My wife and I usually try to get out of town so we aren't pulled in the million directions our every day life as a family can pull know: jobs, roles we play at church, the community or in the neighborhood. Not to mention all the chores around the house - laundry, grocery store, yard work, etc. My wife says as soon as I get behind the wheel and pull out of the driveway, I am a different person. We leave the cares behind and pretend we have no outside responsibility for a week.

Well, this year we are going to try out what has been termed a "staycation."  In order to save money and travel tim,e you take time off and simply stay at home. At first I thought it was ridiculous...what are we going to do in Greenville all week long?? And are we really going to be able to shut the world out while staying in town?? Then, we started looking into all the things we could do within an hour or two driving distance (the rule was we had to be able to get back to our house at a reasonable bedtime for the children). I became PUMPED with the idea!! So, we are doing it, with a couple of ground rules, such as limited cell phone usage and limited household chores - those things can wait for a week!! I truly believe there are few things more important than taking a week in the summer and getting QUANTITY time together as a family.

So, be intentional. Hurry up - the children will be going back to school before you know it. Plan out that summer family vacation! And consider joining us on the "STAYCATION" craze!

- Will Bouton, Downtown Children's Ministry Director

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