Friday, May 27, 2011

Music To Love...For Kids and Parents!

We're big music fans at our house. You can almost guarantee that music will be playing somewhere in our home most waking hours of the day. Many memories of seasons or experience in the life of our family are associated with music. I've even got a list of songs that would be on the "soundtrack of my life"...if ever I were to need that someday. One CD in particular has been a staple in our child-raising years, and has provided a backdrop to many great parenting moments and memories. It is the "Slugs & Bugs & Lullabies" record by Andrew Peterson and Randall Goodgame.

If you're a parent with younger kids (or an adult who is trying desperately to hang onto your youthful spirit), then you will love this CD. I highly recommend it to all families wanting something different to set the stage for the average day in their home. It will lead you to love music, love life, love kids, and love Jesus more every time you listen.

Take heart, this is not your typical children's CD with a kids choir and the same 12 contemporary worship songs. I promise you won't want to throw the CD out the car window onto the interstate the 15th time you hear it. Each one of the 18 tracks are unique, fun, original, and packed with everything a kid needs in a song. Some are fast and fun; some are soft and slow. Some make you want to sleep; some make you want to run. Most will make you laugh with delight; a few will make you cry. But everything on this record will bless your family in a unique and wonderful way. As with everything Andrew Peterson writes, the stories told in these songs will make you feel like they were written specifically for you. Mix in Randall Goodgame's unique blend of artistry and creative talent, and you've got a music masterpiece. One that will last for years with your kids and with their parents!

You can get this record (and you should) directly from their website, or download it on iTunes. There is a new "Slugs & Bugs" Christmas record as well! Have fun out there, and tell your kids they can thank me for changing their minds about beans. Just go get the CD, you'll figure out what I mean.

- Ed Sweeny, Pastor to Families

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