Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Special Needs FAQ's

Through the process of writing about children with special needs,we have received a number of questions regarding how our ideas are put into effect in Grace Children's Ministry.  Here are some of the more common questions that we'll answer over the next couple of weeks:
  1. Will my child be with his or her age-group during the weekend programming, or in an isolated classroom with other children with special needs?
  2. Can my child have a "shadow" or "buddy" to assist them with activities in the Children's Ministry programming?  How should I request one?
  3. Who are the shadow that Grace Children's Ministry uses?  Are they passionate and equipped?
  4. Who is in leadership over special needs?  What expertise do they have?
  5. How will I be notified if there is a problem during the worship service?
  6. I am dealing with grief and anxiety.  How can I get counseling?
If you want to learn more about our vision for children with special needs, see this post that gives a review and links to others posts in this series.  Have another question not listed here?  Leave a comment or email us at children@gracechurchsc.org

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  1. Our experiences over the last 2.5 years could not have been any better. Our daughter loves "her" church and gets upset over missing her friends, the story and the singing. Our prayer is that these are seeds being sewn that will one day lead to her as an adult loving community, growing under sound preaching and having great freedom in worship. Our model at Grace is working. We know that we can worship and not fear what's going on with Sully. The reason is we know that if any issues arise the teachers and shadow are prepared and willing to deal with it. Peace