Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Camp Grace Curriculum: Following Jesus

This coming weekend in our Camp Grace (1st - 4th grade) programming, we will be learning about what it looks like to believe in and follow Jesus.  From John 1:35-51 and Luke 5:1-11, we'll look at how the disciples left everything behind in order to follow Christ.  Of course, this not only applies to our elementary-age campers, but for our Children's Ministry leaders as well.  In our Leader Prep section, we remind them that they need to be open to hearing God speak, and to be willing to leave behind their plans in order to receive God's plans for them.

Additionally, we need to remember that our goal must not be to make disciples for ourselves, but that we must point others to Jesus, so they can follow Him.  Here's an excerpt from this week's Leader Prep:
"As you read John 1:35-36, notice how John's disciples left John to follow Jesus.  As we seek to disciple our campers, keep in mind that our desire is to point them to Jesus.  We want them to see their sin and realize that Jesus is their only hope.  We do not want to create disciples for ourselves; we want to prepare our campers to recognize, believe in, and follow Jesus."

As you go through this week, think about ways that you can point others to Jesus.  That was John the Baptist's purpose; let it be yours, too.

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