Monday, November 8, 2010


No, we're not talking about the movie about the brave Spartans.  We're referring to the fact that this is the 300th post on this blog, in just under two years.  We are now averaging 700-800 views per month, along with dozens of followers and subscribers.  Thanks for your support!

To celebrate, we are going to give away gift cards, and you have two ways to win:
  1. To enter to win a $15 gift card to Chick-Fil-A, leave a comment on this post that includes your favorite kids movie of all time.  Be sure to include your contact info, in case you are selected as a winner.
  2. To enter to win a $15 gift card to Moe's, subscribe via email through the FeedBurner link (located to the right, near the top); you must activate your feed by clicking on the link in your email.  If you are already a subscriber, you do not have to do it again; we'll include you.

You can try for both, but only once for each contest.  The contest closes on Thursday, November 18.  It just takes a couple of minutes of your time, for a chance at a free meal!

Also, don't forget to follow us on Facebook, too.

Let's hear those movie titles!

(Update:  See the winners here.)


  1. My favorite kids movie of all time is Mary Poppins! I loved it when she kept digging things out of her purse!

    Natalie Clayton

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  3. Favorite kids' movie of all time is The Little Mermaid.

    basketmommy at gmail dot com

  4. Favorite kids movie is Sleeping Beauty! :)

    Tracy Tweedy

  5. My favorite kids' movie is The Little Mermaid!

  6. Favorite kids' movie of all time is The Grinch That Stole Christmas!

  7. My favorite kids movie has to be CARS, only because it is my boys' favorite and we've watched it over 1,000 times!
    April Ellenburg

  8. Favorite kids movie--American Tale-- I love the song about the moon--reminds me I am never too far from my kids/grandkids

    Ginny Magee

  9. I'll jump on the Disney train--My favorite children's movie of all time is Snow White. A princess that cleans with a great attitude. What's not to love?

  10. Way too hard to pick one.......... Umm....Ok.. All time favorite KID movie:

    "Swiss Family Robinson"..

    Christmas Story
    Stuart Little
    Sound of Music
    Wizard of Oz...I could go on and on..

    And not that anyone is asking but my all time favorite all around movie is. "It's a Wonderful Life."

  11. Beauty and the Beast!

    Julie Baker

  12. My favorite kid movie when I was a kid: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
    My favorite kid movie as a grown up: Up

    Molly Burns

  13. Thanks for all the posts so far. Looking forward to hearing from others.

    Holly -- can you either leave another comment with your email address, or send us an email at, if you want to be entered in the drawing?

  14. Pollyanna :)

    Ashley Boodram

  15. Toy Story (all 3)

    Erin Jones

  16. Robin Hood (the animated Disney version)
    I watched it so much that my mother and I still quote our favorite lines to each other!

    Amanda Harper

  17. My favorite kids movie was The Fox and the Hound
    "your my best friend Todd" "and your mine too Copper" "we'll be friends forever" "yeah, forever" :)

    Michelle Bock

  18. Actually, growing up, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, was my favorite movie. I always loved the singing and dancing and the multicolored outfits they wore. Who knew you could have so much fun holding women against their will and doing construction! If you've seen it, you would understand.
    Shylah Perkins

  19. So many to choose from.....but I have to go with Matilda

  20. Our family loves "sports" movies....Field of Dreams, Hoosiers, Angels in the Outfield.

    At Christmas, we have a tradition of watching The Christmas Story on Christmas Eve as a family.

  21. Holly from the "Swiss Family Robinson" answer...

  22. Thanks for all who entered. Winners will be posted on Sunday.