Sunday, November 28, 2010

Camp Grace Review Day Questions

In case your child missed our programming for 1st - 4th graders this past weekend, or if you want to see how well you could have done, here are some questions that were asked during our Review Day.  Check back on Wednesday for the answer key.

1. What was the first thing Nehemiah did when he learned Jerusalem’s wall and gates were destroyed?
A.  He prayed to God, praising Him, humbling himself and asking God for help.
B.  He immediately went to Jerusalem to see how he could help.
C.  He sent people to rebuild the wall and gates.
D.  He did nothing.

2. Who did God allow Satan to test to see if this person would continue to believe and trust in God no matter what happened?
A.  David
B.  Nehemiah
C. Adam
D.  Job

3. What happened to Daniel after he was thrown in the lion’s den?
A.  God did not take him out of the lion’s den, but God protected Daniel while he was in it.
B.  Daniel was eaten by the lion’s, but God was glorified for Daniel’s faithfulness to Him.
C.  God gave Daniel superhuman strength to fight and kill the lion’s so he would not be eaten.
D.  Daniel escaped from the lion’s den and saved himself.

4. When Jesus was just a baby, Joseph and Mary took him to the temple in obedience to the Old Testament law.  Who was it that recognized Jesus at the temple, and worshiped Him?
A.  Simeon
B.  King Herod
C.  Anna and Simeon
D.  The Magi and King Herod

5. When Jesus was in Capernaum teaching at the house where He was staying, four men brought a friend to be healed by Jesus. What was wrong with their friend, and how did they get him to Jesus?
A.  Their friend had a broken leg, and they carried him through the front door to Jesus.
B.  Their friend was paralyzed and they led him into the house to Jesus.
C.  Their friend was blind and they lowered him through the roof of the house to Jesus.
D.  Their friend was paralyzed and they dug a hole in the roof to lower him down to Jesus.

6. John the Baptist was not like many of the religious leaders of his time, but God still chose to use him to prepare the way for Jesus.  What are some characteristics of John the Baptist?
A.  He ate ants and syrup, dressed in horse hair, and frolicked in fields.
B.  He ate snails and honey, dressed in cat hair, and hiked in the mountains.
C.  He ate snakes and vinegar, dressed in donkey hair, and swam in the ocean.
D.  He ate locusts and honey, dressed in camel hair, and lived in the wilderness.

7. Jesus fasted in the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights while being tempted by Satan. There were three things Satan told Jesus to do in Matthew 4. What was NOT one of the things Satan told Jesus to do?
A.  Jump off the highest point of the Temple and let the angels protect Him.
B.  Turn stones into loaves of bread so He could eat
C.  Change sand into water so He could drink
D.  Kneel down and worship Satan to gain the world and its glory

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