Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Registration and Small Group Assignments

Promotion Weekend (August 14 & 15) is when we promote virtually every child to their next grade level.  With three campuses and six services, we needed families to register to let us know which service they plan to attend.  Registration closed this past Sunday, and we had over 500 families (about 1000 children from infants to 6th grade) registered.  (We probably had a few who forgot; if that includes you, please email us ASAP at children@gracechurchsc.org.) 

Everyone who registered will be notified via email by the middle or end of next week of their child(ren)'s small group assignments.  We are looking forward to another great year in Children's Ministry!

Please remember that small group assignments are service-specific.  While you have the freedom to go to other services, your child will not be automatically promoted to the next grade level for every service, and we encourage you to go to the same service as consistently as possible in order to help your child develop meaningful relationships with peers and leaders.

Through the registration process, we received a number of questions of how we assign children to small groups.  To learn about how we place children in their age-appropriate grade level, read this

Furthermore, for our Pelham Road Sunday morning services (where we have multiple small groups per grade level, for each service), we generally try to group children by whether or not they stay for two services (because their parents serve).  For older children (4k - 4th grade), this helps the transition to or from Quest, since it's easy to move all the children in a few classes, rather than than a few children from every class.  For younger children (infant - 3 year olds), it is difficult on some children to see their peers be picked up in between services when they stay for two, so we try to group the 2-service children together as best we can.

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