Monday, January 18, 2010

How are Children Assigned to Their Small Groups?

We often get questions at the Welcome Desks about how children are placed in their Small Groups.  Our goal is for all children to be in age-appropriate classes.  We want to get them in their proper grade level, well before they begin our Student Ministry programming, since it is harder on children the longer we wait before correcting it.
  • For children who are in public or private school, they will be placed in the same grade for our programming.  
  • For young children who are not yet in school, or for home-schooled children, we will assign them based on their birthday (with the cutoff being September).
  • With the exception of nursery, we promote to the next grade level with each school year (during our mid-August Promotion Weekend).
Please take your children to the classroom that is indicated on his or her check-in slip.  If you come to a different service time than the one you normally attend, your child may not have been promoted to the next grade level for that service (the class assignments are service-specific with Parent Pager, our check-in system).  Please see a Welcome Desk if you have questions about your child’s class assignment.

If you have questions about these or any policies in Children’s Ministry, please email Joey Espinosa.

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