Monday, May 3, 2010

What is Quest?

Every week, we have about 160 children (nursery - 4th grade) who stay for two services, because their parents serve or have a membership class.  For nursery up through 3-year-old classes, the children remain in their same classroom for both services.  However, older children have an opportunity to attend a program called Quest, where they can participate in active play, fun crafts, and more.

On the Pelham Road campus, we have a Quest program for 4k/5k and a separate one for elementary-age, during both Sunday morning services.  On the Powdersville campus, we have Quest for 1st & 2nd graders during the 11AM service only.

We used to avoid the term "structured play" for Quest, but we are more likely to use that term now.  We know that "church" does not just mean coming to a worship service for singing and hearing God's word (though those are important things).  Being the church involves ALL that we do together -- studying God's word, sharing what's going on in our lives, having fun, serving others, etc. We know that young children connect with each other and with adults through play.  The children who attend Quest will also have their regular time for their Bible lesson, but this extra time allows them to continue to build on the relationships they are already forming, and even make new ones.

Another great part about Quest is that this is an area where a number of students (5th - 12th graders) serve.  The young children really tend to connect with and look up to these "big kids," as they bring lots of energy and enthusiasm.

Here is a representative list of some activities that we do in Quest:
  • fun crafts
  • outside play (including a semi-annual Field Day, complete with popsicles for all participants)
  • inside play
  • crafts with a mission-mindset, such as cards for sick children or coloring labels for the cups that Grace uses to sell coffee to raise money for mission trips
  • short "circle" or "huddle" time, where children have a chance to listen to a Bible lesson and share about themselves
Let us know if you have any questions about one of our Quest programs.

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