Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Why Gender & Sexuality Matter

In our Preschool programming, we are in the midst of our series on God is Relational, as we teach about Adam and Eve (see this post about the leader preparation material).  Grace Church has been teaching more and more about biblical masculinity (see this blog post, for example) and femininity (we have been developing and rolling out some newly-developed curriculum, in stages).

Here is another blog post on why gender and sexuality matter, on The Resurgence blog.  Some key points:
  • "God does not create a generic human being and then add gender; rather, he creates a human being either as a male person or as a female person."
  • "[M]en and women should be thankful for the gender with which God created them. . . .  Gender differences should be celebrated."
  • "[T]he biblical portrait is that marriage is between a man and a woman who commit themselves to living in a monogamous relationship.  Sexual intercourse is to be enjoyed within the bounds of this covenantal framework and is designed for several purposes, including pleasure, procreation, a guard against immorality, and unity."
Read the full article here.


  1. Love the fact that your focusing a bit on Biblical masculinity, but is this stuff about sexuality for the preschool class. Reading this post as a parent might have me a bit alarmed.

  2. Thanks for the question, Lindsey. We can totally see how this can be confusing. We definitely aim to teach about all topics on an age-appropriate level. For adults, we can discuss on a deeper and more complicated level. For preschoolers, we taught basic concepts, like "God created boys to reflect His image as a male" and "God created girls to reflect His image as a female." In a sense, this is teaching about sexuality (in the age-appropriate context).