Friday, September 3, 2010

Do You Love Your Spouse?

We have already discussed and recommended Paul Tripp's latest book on marriage, What Did You Expect?, on this blog (see here).  This book would be a great resource if you are considering marriage, and even more so at any point during one's marriage.

From The Gospel Coalition, here is another article giving excerpts from chapter 12 of this book.  The point of this chapter is to show that we are not capable by our own efforts of truly loving our spouse as God would have us.  The impossibility of this task should drive us to the Gospel, as we are weak and needy.  Jesus died not only to make us righteous despite our failure to love, "but also so that we would have the desire, wisdom, and power to love as we should."

Additionally, there are some videos on that blog of Tedd Tripp talking about some of the principles in this book.  Here is one where Tripp says, "I'm proposing that marriage is war." 

Here is another video, from a more personal perspective from the author.  ("The character of a marriage is not built in three big moments; it's built in ten-thousand little moments.")

After reading the article, we encourage you to get a copy of What Did You Expect?

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