Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Special Needs: Review

For those who missed it, here are a summary and links for the recent series on children with special needs.  We welcome any questions and feedback.

  1. Overview to special needs ministry.  With more than 15 children in our church who have special needs, we knew that we need to ask God to help us discern what He wants from us.
  2. Why are we focusing on special needs?  To give theology and direction to increasing number of families at Grace Church who have children with special needs.
  3. What do we mean by "special needs?"  We consider a broad scope, from emotional and neurological disorders to physical disabilities.  
  4. Important biblical principles.  Here, we highlight some things that God says about children, parents, and Himself. 
  5. The role of the church.  Read about what we do to come alongside parents. 
  6. The role of the parents.  Be intentional, have expectations, and preach the gospel.
  7. Growing in the gospel.  Other things to consider, especially about marriage and personal growth.

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