Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Project Kenya Update. We Want To Hear From You!

We have completed our second week of collecting money for Project Kenya, and are well on our way to reaching our goal of $4000. After just two weeks, we have raised over $2500! Praise God, and a big thank you, for the faithfulness of our families to support this project!

We will continue raising money through March 27th, so please keep praying about your role in this adventure. It is our hope for this to be an opportunity for families to embrace the privilege we have to love and serve the people of Kenya. If you would like more information about Project Kenya, please check out a previous post with details, and watch a video.

We want to hear from you! Leave us a comment about how Project Kenya has impacted your child(ren), what God has taught you through Project Kenya, how your family has taken part, or anything you want to share with us!


  1. My daughter wanted to buy a chicken and a coop, so she gave 10 bucks of her own money....my son is a bit of a miser so he is holding on to his. We are using her generosity to shame him, but it isnt working so far! - he is burying his money in the soil....there's still time though.

  2. My son was the same way at first...he kept saying no! to giving some of his money away. We just couldn't convince him and didn't want to force him to. We told the kids that however much of their money they would donate we would match it. They've been helping around the house (setting the table, feeding the dogs, etc) and have been earning money this way to donate, too. It's become a fun little game and they've learned that not everybody has it as easy as we do here in America...such blessings!!!