Monday, March 7, 2011

Preschool Curriculum: Sacrifice

The unit we are starting this weekend in Preschool Ministry is on Sacrifice. I sit here and ponder what the word sacrifice really means to me. I think it is so hard to “sacrifice” that piece of chocolate because it is not good for me. Or “sacrifice” buying that new outfit because I don’t need to spend the money right now. But that is not at all what “sacrifice” really is. As we talk about it with our children over the next three weeks, they will be learning the true meaning of “sacrifice.”

In the first two weeks, our children will learn how Moses was sent by God to tell Pharaoh to let His people go. Because of Pharaoh’s hard heart, he would not do so. God sent 10 plagues to try to change Pharaoh’s heart, but Pharaoh continued to say “no.” The children will be learning how God is holy and judges sin. They will also learn that when we disobey, we break our relationship with Him. What a powerful concept for our little ones to learn.

In the third week, our children will learn how Jesus is the sacrificial Lamb that was sent to “fix” our relationship with Him. All of God’s judgment for our sin was put on Jesus at the cross. WOW - that is true sacrifice! He was the perfect lamb without sin, but took on our sin so we could be made right with God.

As I go over this lesson, I am humbled by what God did for me. He took the punishment I deserve. He bore the pain I should bear. He died instead of me. God loves me so much that He did all that for me. He sacrificed EVERYTHING so that I may be made right with Him. Does my view of sacrifice and His view of sacrifice match up? No, not at all. I am challenged by this lesson. I want to be able to lay everything down and just trust Him. I want to be able to live out the fact that He is my substitute, and all I am, say, and do should glorify the sacrifice He made for me.

I ask you to walk alongside your children the next couple of weeks as they learn that they are sinners, and that because of their sin, their relationship with God is broken. I pray that they will realize (like we all have to) that the only way to “fix” this broken relationship is to believe that Jesus was the perfect sacrifice who died on the cross so that we may be made right with God and our relationship may be restored.

- Ivy White, Preschool Development Coordinator 

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