Thursday, February 17, 2011

Going Through the Motions

Check this out! Click here  Does this sound familiar to you? "I don't wanna go through the motions. I don't wanna go one more day without your all consuming passion inside of me. I don't wanna spend my whole life asking, 'What if I had given everything, instead of going through the motions?'" That's right! It's Matthew West's song, "The Motions." You've heard it on the radio hundreds of times. Lately, I've really been paying attention to the words of songs instead of just singing them, and these words really got my attention. I feel like they are applicable to so many aspects of our lives, which is great because they can reach just about everyone. An aspect that immediately comes to mind is your job.

Do you ever find yourself "going through the motions" at work? It's so easy to get caught up in the actual process of doing our job that we sometimes forget our purpose and what our job means...I know that I do. I do a lot of things dealing with numbers for our Children's Ministry, and I can easily fall into thinking these are mundane tasks dealing with just numbers; that my job has no real significance in spreading the Gospel. In reality, I am using the gifts God gave me to do just that. I am not the actual person teaching our children, but I am doing behind-the-scenes things to equip those teachers and to create an inviting environment for them.

495 is the number of copies I make for each Camp Grace activity. But, each piece of paper will eventually get into the hands of an elementary child, each with their own story and background, and will hopefully open their hearts to the Gospel. 979 is the number of kids we had in a recent weekend across all 3 campuses. That's almost 1000 kids! I did not personally influence each and every one of them, but that's 1000 kids that I had a part in giving them the opportunity to know more about our Lord Jesus. That is a lot of children and a lot of families, and we are just one church in one part of the world. Think about it for a minute...this is the future generation. We are equipping the future generation!

It's these things that are easy to overlook, but are most important. God has given everything and everyone a purpose. We need to seek Him out, and look at His amazing work. Let His passion inside of you so that it flows out in everything that you do. Ask yourself, "What if I had given everything, instead of going through the motions?"

- Nicole Snyder, Children's Ministry Administrative Assistant

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  1. Great post! I believe that so many people go through the motion of life without reaching their full potential to impact lives. I personally am so full of passion for God and His amazing power, but many times that passion is met with discomfort from others. It's refreshing to come across a person who has an honest heart that realizes they no longer want to go through the motions