Thursday, January 13, 2011

Special Needs: Managed or Ministered To?

The mission of Grace Children's Ministry is to assist parents in leading their children toward a Gospel-centered life, to equip volunteers to shepherd children, and to encourage children to grow in Christ by teaching them biblical truths in meaningful ways. We desire to provide an environment where both parents and their children are loved and ministered to, including families with children with special needs.

A few months ago, in November, we hosted a Special Needs Equipping Event in which we provided an informative discussion about how we minister to families with children with special needs. We explained our process of how we try to reach out to these families so that the children can be integrated into our weekend programming, and the parents can have the opportunity to worship and serve in our church. We also provide more information about how we minister to families with children with special needs on our website.

We had a visitor named Amy Fenton Lee, author of The Inclusive Church, and she wrote an article titled "Special Needs: Managed or Ministered To?" after attending our Special Needs Equipping Event. This article is featured in the January 2011 newsletter for The Cory Center for Children's Ministry.

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