Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Camp Grace Curriculum: Don't Worry. Trust God.

 This coming weekend in our Camp Grace (1st-4th grade) programming, our elementary campers will be studying from Matthew 6:25-34 about Jesus' teaching on worry. They will examine what it means to worry, and our need to trust God with our lives.

Here is an excerpt from the Leader Preparation for this week's lesson:
"When we worry, we ultimately question and doubt God's sovereignty and goodness. We fall to the temptation to believe that God is not who He says He is, and we must handle our concerns ourselves. The root of worry is a fear that God cannot provide what we need. God has already provided everything we need and showed His love through Jesus’ death and resurrection. He poured out the punishment for our sin on His only Son. We can trust a God who died for us so that we can have eternal life and a restored relationship with Him. He knows each of us better than we know ourselves, and He has a plan that is for our good. Jesus calls us to trust in His sovereignty."
As you go through this week, think about areas in your life that you struggle with worrying. Pray for God to remind you that He is bigger than any worry in your life, and that you can turn your worries into trust in God's sovereignty.

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