Friday, January 21, 2011

Preschool Curriculum: God Owns Everything

We are starting a new series for the next three weeks about how God owns everything. We want to stress to our children that everything belongs to God, that nothing is ours, and that God wants us to give freely. As I meditate on these truths I automatically think of the season of life when my children were toddlers and all I heard all day was “That’s mine, give it to me.” In that season, I consistently had to remind my child that the object was not his/hers, but that everything belongs to God and we are just using it. Are WE that much different than our toddler children? Do WE really ever grow out of that mentality?

In this unit, we are trying to teach our children to Be Generous. As we learn about Zacchaeus, the Rich Young Ruler, and the Poor Widow, we will be showing our children what it looks like to “Honor the Lord with your wealth” (Proverbs 3:9). Our children will learn that God commands this of us. It is not about if we want to or not.

As you talk with your children about what they are learning the next few weeks, I challenge you to be an example of this verse and think of some ways that you as a family can be generous with what you have. Allow God to work through you to live out this principle.

- Ivy White, Preschool Development Coordinator

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