Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Elementary Camp Update

We are super excited to have over 75 3rd & 4th graders signed up for our Elementary Camp, which will be on June 18-20.  Knowing that some people have missed yesterday's deadline, we are extending the registration due date for one more week.  Please get your registration information in by Monday, May 24.  Here are some common questions we have been receiving:
  • I cannot afford camp for my child.  Can I pay a reduced rate?  Yes!  We do not want to be cost to deter your child from attending camp.  Pay what you can, and if you are not in a place to afford any of the $115, don't worry about it.  We have even had some families generously donate extra money, to cover the cost of "scholarships."  If you need a full or partial scholarship, register and let us know how much you can pay.
  • Can I pay half now and half next month?  Yes.  As we said, just pay what you can.
  • What does my child need to bring?  We will be sending out more information later, but you can get the packing list on our website.   
  • Can children from outside of Grace Church attend?  We are always glad to have kids that aren't a part of Grace Church.  As long as they meet the grade requirements (3rd or 4th grade), and complete a registration form, they are welcome to attend.
  • Is this camp for current or rising 3rd & 4th graders?  Current.  They must be now be in 3rd or 4th grade to attend camp.
  • My child is nervous.  Can I stay for a few hours at Look Up Lodge to help her feel more comfortable?  We feel it's best for parents to not stay long after drop off; it tends to draw out the process.  We have plenty of loving leaders who will work to help your child feel safe and secure.  Two summers ago, we did have one child that could not be consoled and went home that night.  Last year, out of 68 children, no one went home.
  • This is my child's first "camp" experience.  Is he the only one in that situation?  No!  Each year, for about 50-70% of the children, it is their first away-from-family experience.  We want to celebrate that with you!  If a child is going to go to camp for the first time, is there a better situation then with their church body?
If you have any other questions or concerns, please let us know at children@gracechurchsc.org.

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