Wednesday, January 27, 2010


"[S]omewhere in your life, there’s been a moment you wish happened differently. You lost your job. You lost your marriage. You were too slow to act in a car crash. Your son, the one who used to laugh so hard when you’d build towers of wooden blocks for him to knock over is running away from you and you’re left wondering what you could have done differently."
 I tend to live with so much guilt and regret.  I fail to trust God and truly believe in His love for me, and His full payment for all my sins.  What do I need to do on those days where I know I messed up?  Jon Acuff reminds us:
 “God didn’t ask you to be God that day.”
That's just it.  When I dwell on guilt, when I worry, I don't need to just 'get over it.'  I don't need to try harder.  I don't need to ignore it.  I first and foremost need to repent.  Whenever I fail to trust in God's love and gospel message, I am living in proud unbelief.  

--  Joey Espinosa

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