Friday, January 15, 2010

Jesus Lived in the Power of the Spirit

In “Big Truths for Young Hearts” (pp. 113-116), Bruce Ware makes the biblical case that Jesus did His work by the Spirit’s power, not His own power.  This is attested by Jesus Himself (Matthew 12:22-19), as well as the apostle Peter (Acts 10:38).  That Jesus worked by the Spirit’s power should be a great encouragement for us:

"Even though Jesus was fully God, he did not live his life through his divine power as God. . . . He can to live as one of us, to experience the limitations and struggles of our life. . . . But to do this he could not live truly as a man while also using power that he alone would have as God. To live by his power as God, he would not and could not live as one of us. So instead, as a man, he relied on the Spirit of God to grant him all that he needed to live life faithfully and to carry out everything that the Father sent him to do."

This is the great part for us: as believers, we "would have the same Spirit empowerment that Jesus has used."  That is, if Jesus did works on His own divine power, then there would be a huge loss to the kingdom work when He left.  But the same Spirit continues to work through those who belong to God!  The same Spirit that worked through Jesus to do miracles is also working to change our lives, and He wants to bless others through us.

What do you think about this?  Have you ever thought of why it’s good that Jesus left to return to His rightful spot in heaven?

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