Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Time

Welcome to Vacation… my mom and dad would always say these words to us when we started vacation from school. I have continued this with my boys. I was so excited to have the boys out of school this week. They were excited too, but not as much as I was. I bet most parents felt the same way.

Summer time is a challenge. We need to stay on a schedule, but also relax and have fun at the same time. I cherish the moments that we get to have as a family. Each day is full of possibilities. I know that some of our days will be rushed, and they have been already. But I know that if we take the time to be in the moment, God will reward us with precious memories. This can be hard with many things that need our attention, but what is more important than reaching, connecting, and loving our families?

We need to stay grounded and firm in our faith to continue to speak truth to our children. Some days are a lot harder, and other days are full of joy. 

Just because we are on vacation doesn’t mean that all other responsibilities are put aside. I praise God for Summer time. I look forward to seeing Him work. May we find blessing at the end of summer and not regret.

- Kathryn Sanders, Powdersville Campus Children's Director

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  1. I remember looking forward to summer and spending time with my children. Now they are grown and have families of their own. To you moms of young ones, all I can say is...enjoy your time---relax, giggle, and play! Forget about the dust, cleaning, and laundry. Tomato sandwiches for dinner are just fine! Enjoy God's beautiful world and that includes your dirty, tired two year olds!