Monday, April 18, 2011

Camp Grace Passover Seder

This past weekend, we hosted our 6th annual Camp Grace Passover Seder presentation at each of our campuses. Our elementary campers and leaders had the opportunity to learn about Passover, how it connects to the Gospel, and take part in a Passover Seder meal.

Our Passover Seder weekend each year is a unique time of learning to worship God more fully through developing a deeper understanding of how the events of the Old Testament point to Jesus. We see that the Bible is not made up of two separate books, the Old Testament and the New Testament, but it is one book revealing God’s story for our world. This is an important fact, especially for elementary-aged children, for us to know in order to grow and mature as followers of Christ.

Passover is celebrated to remember God’s faithfulness to His people, the nation of Israel, by leading them out of slavery from Egypt. In Exodus 12, we see both God’s just nature and His loving grace; at the time of judgment on Egypt, God provided a way for His people, the Israelites, to be saved through obeying His command to sacrifice a lamb and wipe its blood on the frame of their door. In the same way that God provided for His chosen people, He provides a way for us through His Son. Jesus was the fulfillment of God’s wrath and judgment for our sin, as the perfect Lamb who was slain for us so that we can eternal life through faith in Him.

As you see below, the story of the first Passover parallels the story of the Gospel:

Exodus Passover Lamb
Jesus, the Lamb of God
Choose a lamb and bring it into your home on the 10th day of the month.
Palm Sunday: Jesus chose Himself, and willingly came to Jerusalem
Lamb must have no flaw
I Peter: “Jesus is the unblemished Lamb.”  He was innocent and never sinned, and so He could die for our sins.
Kill and put the blood on door fame of your house.  If a home didn’t do this, the firstborn son would be killed.
Jesus' blood pays the price for our sins. We need to “apply” the blood by faith in Him.  If we believe that Jesus is God and died for us, we are protected from judgment and death. 
At judgment time, God only looked for and saw the blood of the lamb.  Whoever obeyed in faith, would not be judged.
When I stand at judgment day, God will look for faith, and only see Jesus’ blood, and not my sins.

This annual event is a unique opportunity for our campers to remember and celebrate what God has done for them. It provides a fun environment to taste new or different foods (matzah, parsley, horseradish, cinnamon applesauce, grape juice), and allows them to connect with God as we approach Easter.

We hope your child(ren) enjoyed their experience with the Passover Seder! As you go through your week, be reminded of the sacrifice Jesus made for you, and worship Him for His faithful obedience to the Father. Romans 6:23 reminds us that we do not deserve anything but death for our sin; Jesus’ sacrifice and resurrection is our free gift from God to have eternal life. Meditate on your need for Jesus' blood to cover your sin, and celebrate the free gift of life God has offered you!

- Nicky Darling, Elementary Coordinator

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