Sunday, December 27, 2009

Seeking God with $10 - Final Tally

Last month, I gave my older kids each $10, with the instructions for them to ask God about what they should do with it. (Read about it here.) Here's what they each did:

  • $5 for Adopt-A-Child
  • $5 to buy a Christmas gift for her friend that lives across the street (a Littlest Pet Shop monkey, since her friend "really, really likes monkeys")

  • $1 for a general tithe to our church
  • $6 for Adopt-A-Child (He explained, "If I didn't get anything for Christmas, I would be sad.")
  • $1 to his piggy bank
  • $2 for Osborn Mission (As part of their school curriculum, the kids have been learning about how so much of the world doesn't have access to a Bible in their native language. Our friends Philly & Elizabeth Osborn feel called by God to plant a church to a people group who have never heard the Gospel. You should check out their website.)

-- Joey Espinosa

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