Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Tradition

This will be our (Joanna and I) 11th Christmas together. We're really not great on making and keeping traditions, but there are a couple of Christmas traditions that we've had that have been meaningful for us. First, every Christmas morning we've woken up in our own home. We might have traveled back on Christmas Eve, or leave to see family on Christmas Day, but we have enjoyed being together as a family on Christmas morning.

Second, ever since Hannah (now age 8) was 3 months old, we read the Christmas story in bed before we get up to do anything else. It makes for a calm, reflective time for us. Usually, we read a traditional account, like Matthew 1:18-25 or Luke 2:1-20). However, based on this suggestion from Jay Younts (Shepherd Press Blog), I think I may use John 1:1-14 as our text this year.

What Christmas traditions do you have?

Have a great week preparing for Christmas!

-- Joey Espinosa

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